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Friday Night Class Feb 23rd

Power vs. Rhythm!

Taught by Stephanie and Amy K 


$99/month now gets you unlimited access to cycling & Strength classes -- THE BEST, MOST COMPLETE, WORKOUT IN BUCKS COUNTY

$145/Month gets you unlimited Cycling and Yoga!

Your First Ride is Free!*

Make sure to reset your password on this site if you haven't already - and DOWNLOAD the new SurroundCycle APP on your phone for Easy booking!  Call us with any questions you have while logging in



*You must live within 15 miles of the studio to obtain your first free class.  If you live further away, we are happy to have you attend a class, but you will need to purchase one in your account. 











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A quick tour of our studio....



SurroundCycle is a local, 100% female-owned small business in the heart of Newtown, PA. We are not a franchise or part of any big corporate entity.  We strive to provide the ultimate in customer service in a friendly, welcoming environment.  At the same time, we've taken the best the industry has to offer and built a world class indoor cycling studio.   


It's the goal of our entire team to make every visit an enjoyable experience and a workout that exceeds your expectations.  We do this by providing the best bikes available on the market, an insane concert-quality sound system, and a specially designed lighting program.  All of this happens inside our uniquely designed sound-proof cycle room under the direction of our highly trained team of instructors.  At the end of each ride we even clean your bikes for you!

Aside from our regular classes, we also offer our studio for Groups & Private Parties with special pricing for brides, celebrations and training sessions for sports teams.

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"Rhythm" classes are rides where you pedal to the beat of the music, rather than focusing on your performance metrics.  These are still a challenging workout, without the focus of a big Leader Board in the room.

"Power" classes are rides where you are focused on your real-time performance metrics which are displayed on Leader Boards in the room.

Classes are either 45, 60 or 80 minutes in length.  Every 45-minute class includes an additional optional 15 minute post-ride session of stretching and abdominal strengthening in “Surround Room 2” to further enhance the results of your ride.

Our High-Tech Bikes

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