Our Instructors


Instructor Cred:  Stephanie has been a certified instructor for 4 years after falling in love with indoor cycling when she was studying Elementary and Special Education at Temple University. She loves motivating clients towards meeting their fitness goals through her workouts, which include a variety of heart pumping music and high intensity intervals. The trademark of her classes is that you’ll be motivated to work hard and you’ll have fun doing so!

Her Many Talents:  Stephanie is a former Special Ed. teacher who is now a full time nanny.  When not teaching cycling or kickboxing classes, she lifts weights, reads suspense thrillers, watches Real Housewives of Wherever, and bakes oh-so-delicious cakes.

Her Favorite Sin:  Indulgent chocolate cake.


Instructor Cred:  April was an avid runner who loved the natural high a good run provided.  When an accident prevented her from continuing to run, she discovered a new passion which could provide that high again - indoor cycling.  April is also a Master Instructor, who coaches and certifies other trainers in indoor cycling, aerobic and cardio dance, and other exercise programs.  April's rides feature a variety of energizing music while challenging her riders in a safe zone.  Bottom line - you will experience a exhilerating no-impact workout!   

How She Got Here:  April’s close friend nicknamed her the “FON” for “freak of nature,” because of her ability to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown at her.  Nothing has ever stopped her from challenging her body to get stronger. April says, “You are your inner strength...come ride with me!”

Why She’s Awesome:  April’s favorite place to go when she has free time is the Ewing Animal Shelter, of which she says, “There is no better feeling than being able to give shelter dogs a chance to run free in the open fields, roll in the grass, and get a taste of sunshine!  Knowing how good exercise makes me feel, it is nice to be able to share that feeling with them.”

Michael KatZ

Instructor Cred:  Michael has been teaching indoor cycling for 9 years. He keeps his classes fun and fresh by never teaching the same class twice.  He encourages class participation and has found this style has led to many long-term friendships and loyal followers over the years. 

Life Outside the Studio:  Michael has competed in triathlons and a half marathon. He skis, plays racquetball, strength trains and takes his boat out on the Delaware. Eating pasta earns a thumbs up, while watching Arnold in Terminator 1 and 2 earns two.  He is married with two sons and loves his German Shepherd.

Words to Live By:  Enjoy your rides, make your body stronger and meet new friends!

Sarah eldridge

Instructor Cred:  You can expect a hard, focused ride in Sarah’s class. She stays true to the road with smooth transitions and a special focus on proper body alignment. She uses a variety of music and drills to keep her riders engaged and motivated. Sarah welcomes all levels to participate, from first-time riders to those with years of experience.  Her classes will set the bar high, but will enable all to enjoy their ride to the best of their ability.

Life On the Outside:  Sarah is a proud mother of twins.  Indoor cycling has taught her discipline, as well as how to inspire others to reach their fitness goals. Music, travel, and physical fitness are her passions, though she believes her bike has given her the ability to tackle whatever life throws her way. 

Favorite Getaway:  Kicking it back in Santorini, Greece.





Instructor Cred:  Amy has been a group exercise instructor for over 18 years and couldn't imagine life without teaching.  She loves her cycling classes, but teaches several other formats such as Step, Kickboxing and all types of Strength classes.  Her classes are organized and challenging, and she will push you to the brink of your endurance if you want to go there.  Amy's classes fill quickly because of the spirit, energy and knowledge she brings each and every day.

Life Outside the Studio:  Amy is a graduate of Bucknell University.  She is married with three children.  Until very recently, Amy worked for several pharmaceutical companies in various marketing and finance roles.  When she's not teaching, Amy tries to sneak in some fast-paced Vinyasa flow yoga to balance out her training.

Her Teaching Philosophy:  "The real workout starts when you want to stop!"

Howie Moses

Instructor Cred:  Howie has been teaching indoor cycling for 7 years and has always had a large group of regulars fill his classes wherever he goes.  Like him, Howie's classes and music are eclectic as he weaves in classic rock, hip hop, R&B, classical or simply instrumentals.  Some rides will include Tabata drills, while others will feature reflection, or heart wrenching tests of power and endurance.  However, whatever class is on tap, Howie promises you will sweat, and always leave feeling challenged.  And when he welcomes each season with a Spinyasa, you may just learn something new about yourself.

Outside Interests:  Howie loves to cook, read, hike and ride.  Like Jimmy V, Howie finds a great day includes both a laugh and a cry.

Person Who Has Most Motivated Him:  Muhammad Ali, who said among many other things that, “Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion.  Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential.  Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

kaye sargent

Instructor Cred:   A passion for fitness and a zest for improving lives led Kaye to earn her degree in Exercise Sports Science.  She worked in the industry for 20+ years as an exercise physiologist and fitness instructor for major corporations.  Aside from exercise testing and nutritional counseling, she taught various group exercise classes which included Step, Slide (remember that?), Pilates and Indoor Cycling. Kaye’s friendly, outgoing, energetic personality coupled with her love for music comes out in her fun, energetic classes.  

Fast Family:  Kaye’s three girls are well known in Bucks County and beyond.  One is graduating and ran track for The University of Virginia, a second currently attends and runs track there as well, while the third is busy trying to break her sisters’ records at the middle school level.  And with all three kids now too fast to catch, Kaye is excited to be back teaching indoor cycling at SurroundCycle.

Favorite Quote:   “You’re only one cycling class away from a good mood!”

Amy Karch

Instructor Cred:  A passion for helping people achieve their wellness and fitness goals has driven Amy to a 30 year career as a fitness instructor, health educator, corporate wellness professional and wellness coach.  Step aerobics – back in the day.  Kickboxing – that too.  Strength training – yep.  Indoor cycling – of course.  And many more modalities.  With a degree in Exercise Science and as a life-long student and instructor, she brings her extensive knowledge of how the body works to her classes to ensure they are safe, efficient, effective and fun!  Each class is well organized and leaves plenty of variations for fitness levels, anatomical differences and personal hiccups.  She strives to create fitness experiences that put you in a better place from where you started a class to where you finish your practice.

Life Outside The Studio:  Variety is the spice of life and Amy enjoys running, biking, strength training, tennis, reading, beaching, traveling and walking the dog where creativity bubbles up with each step.  She is also a wellness coach helping to spread drops of wellness to seed good health in her clients. 

Life Philosophy:  Wellness is a journey, not a destination.  Enjoy the ride!