Our Instructors


Instructor Cred:  Stephanie has been a certified instructor for 4 years after falling in love with indoor cycling when she was studying Elementary and Special Education at Temple University. She loves motivating clients towards meeting their fitness goals through her workouts, which include a variety of heart pumping music and high intensity intervals. The trademark of her classes is that you’ll be motivated to work hard and you’ll have fun doing so!

Her Many Talents:  Stephanie is a former Special Ed. teacher who is now a full time nanny.  When not teaching cycling or kickboxing classes, she lifts weights, reads suspense thrillers, watches Real Housewives of Wherever, and bakes oh-so-delicious cakes.

Her Favorite Sin:  Indulgent chocolate cake.

Sarah eldridge

Instructor Cred:  You can expect a hard, focused ride in Sarah’s class. She stays true to the road with smooth transitions and a special focus on proper body alignment. She uses a variety of music and drills to keep her riders engaged and motivated. Sarah welcomes all levels to participate, from first-time riders to those with years of experience.  Her classes will set the bar high, but will enable all to enjoy their ride to the best of their ability.

Life On the Outside:  Sarah is a proud mother of twins.  Indoor cycling has taught her discipline, as well as how to inspire others to reach their fitness goals. Music, travel, and physical fitness are her passions, though she believes her bike has given her the ability to tackle whatever life throws her way. 

Favorite Getaway:  Kicking it back in Santorini, Greece.

sue garrabrant

Instructor Cred:  Sue is an elementary school teacher turned group exercise instructor who believes that many of the strategies and techniques she uses with her fourth-graders are equally as effective with her fitness classes. A three-time marathoner, Sue fell in love with indoor cycling, Piyo, and cross-training after hanging up her running shoes. She encourages a balanced approach to fitness, and those in her classes appreciate her no-nonsense, straightforward, yet challenging, workouts.

Life Outside the Gym:  Sue is the proud mom of two children, and she continues to work in the world of elementary education.  In the rare commodity called “free time”, she can be found reading or watching true-crime shows.

Favorite Quote:  “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” –Thomas Edison

Dan griffin

Instructor Cred:  Dan is an avid outdoor cyclist who has been teaching indoors for more than a decade.  His time as a DJ in college and then as an intern at WMMR have provided the base for combining his two passions - cycling and music.  Dan has also been a ski instructor for nearly 20 years at Jack Frost Mountain.

Life Outside the Studio:  When not taking on 100-mile rides, Dan relaxes by competing in 10k's, half marathons, and sprint and Olympic triathlons.  He and his wife travel extensively, generally in search of their next great hike. When not somewhere far or wide, he can be found in Newtown, where he has lived for 26 years.

Words to Live By:  When you wake up and work out, the rest of the day is a breeze! 


Instructor Cred:  Elle has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years, teaching various cardio group exercises, including indoor cycling. But for the past 15+ years Elle has built an incredible reputation and following as she has focused on yoga. She understands the mindset of the trained athlete, but also the approach of each and every person who steps onto their mat, ready and willing to stretch their bodies, release tension, and feel better overall. Her classes will emphasize flexibility, strength and balance.  

Life Outside the Studio:  When Elle is not teaching or studying yoga she is being the best mom and friend to her 2 college kids. She runs, bikes, walks and enjoys her "doggies". Elle enjoys being outside as much as possible, whether on a sailboat with her husband or exploring the world. Elle loves to travel EVERYWHERE!!

Her Life Philosophy: Practicing yoga offers a sense of balance, well-being and completeness which carries over into everyday life.


Marianna LaCoe

Instructor Cred:  Marianna (“Mari”) has been teaching indoor cycling for over 5 years, and also holds other group fitness certifications.

Life Outside the Studio:  Marianna’s former career was a human resources manager. Today, when not teaching fitness classes, she loves to go biking outdoors, lifting weights and reading.

Her Teaching Philosophy: Mari loves motivating clients to be the best they can be in the fitness classroom. She recognizes that keeping it fresh each week makes that easier to achieve.


Instructor Cred:  Amy has been a group exercise instructor for over 18 years and couldn't imagine life without teaching.  She loves her cycling classes, but teaches several other formats such as Step, Kickboxing and all types of Strength classes.  Her classes are organized and challenging, and she will push you to the brink of your endurance if you want to go there.  Amy's classes fill quickly because of the spirit, energy and knowledge she brings each and every day.

Life Outside the Studio:  Amy is a graduate of Bucknell University.  She is married with three children.  Until very recently, Amy worked for several pharmaceutical companies in various marketing and finance roles.  When she's not teaching, Amy tries to sneak in some fast-paced Vinyasa flow yoga to balance out her training.

Her Teaching Philosophy:  "The real workout starts when you want to stop!"

Maria pyle

Instructor Cred:  Fitness has always been an integral part of Maria’s life as an athlete, coach, runner and fitness instructor. She brings this passion to every class as she creates dynamic ride profiles with clear, motivating coaching. Pair that with eclectic playlists that will help push you to your limit, and will have you saying “I need to go home and download that song!”

Life Outside the Studio:  Outside the studio Maria has been a high school counselor and educator for 16 years. When she’s not counseling young adults, running outside, or teaching cycling she can be found shuffling her two kids to swim practices, dance and theater programs.

Favorite Indulgences:  Shrimp tacos with extra guac and binge watching a show on Netflix. 

Jodi Vinch

Instructor Cred:  Jodi has been teaching indoor cycling for 16 years and holds a slew of  group exercise certifications in several different disciplines.  She has completed marathons, short-distance triathlons and won three state diving championships.  She weaves this competitive experience into her classes in what she calls "Funtensity" - all the while gearing her rides to people of all levels. 

Life Outside the Studio:  Health and fitness carry over into Jodi's personal life.  When she's not training, she swims, kayaks and travels to find great wines.  Jodi also stays up to date on all things related to biomechanics, kinetics, anatomy and physiology, and has consulted with large companies on the use of proper ergonomics in order for their employees to avoid workplace injuries.

Her Teaching Philosophy:  It must be fun - but also expect intensity, teamwork and reaching for just a little bit more. 

kaye sargent

Instructor Cred:   A passion for fitness and a zest for improving lives led Kaye to earn her degree in Exercise Sports Science.  She worked in the industry for 20+ years as an exercise physiologist and fitness instructor for major corporations.  Aside from exercise testing and nutritional counseling, she taught various group exercise classes which included Step, Slide (remember that?), Pilates and Indoor Cycling. Kaye’s friendly, outgoing, energetic personality coupled with her love for music comes out in her fun, energetic classes.  

Fast Family:  Kaye’s three girls are well known in Bucks County and beyond.  One is graduating and ran track for The University of Virginia, a second currently attends and runs track there as well, while the third is busy trying to break her sisters’ records at the middle school level.  And with all three kids now too fast to catch, Kaye is excited to be back teaching indoor cycling at SurroundCycle.

Favorite Quote:   “You’re only one cycling class away from a good mood!”

Amy Karch

Instructor Cred:  A passion for helping people achieve their wellness and fitness goals has driven Amy to a 30 year career as a fitness instructor, health educator, corporate wellness professional and wellness coach.  Step aerobics – back in the day.  Kickboxing – that too.  Strength training – yep.  Indoor cycling – of course.  And many more modalities.  With a degree in Exercise Science and as a life-long student and instructor, she brings her extensive knowledge of how the body works to her classes to ensure they are safe, efficient, effective and fun!  Each class is well organized and leaves plenty of variations for fitness levels, anatomical differences and personal hiccups.  She strives to create fitness experiences that put you in a better place from where you started a class to where you finish your practice.

Life Outside The Studio:  Variety is the spice of life and Amy enjoys running, biking, strength training, tennis, reading, beaching, traveling and walking the dog where creativity bubbles up with each step.  She is also a wellness coach helping to spread drops of wellness to seed good health in her clients. 

Life Philosophy:  Wellness is a journey, not a destination.  Enjoy the ride!