Prep for Surround

Wear or bring comfortable workout clothing.  For greatest comfort, we recommend a t-shirt or tank top with cycling shorts, or form-fitting fitness pants or shorts.  Complimentary gel seats are also available for extra comfort while your body adjusts to the saddle.

Hydrate!  It is important to hydrate with water before, during and after your ride.  We also suggest you have a light snack 30 minutes prior to class to help maintain your energy level during the ride.

Waiver:  All new riders are required to sign a waiver prior to your first class.  You can sign this online at home or upon arrival.  Riders under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Getting to Surround

Arrive Early.  First time riders are encouraged to arrive 15-20 minutes early.  Let the front desk team know it’s your first time so they can walk you through all you need to know, fit you for shoes, and set you up properly on your bike.  All classes start on time. 

Check-In.  If you book your bike online prior to class, you can verify your arrival on one of our tablets, or on the sign in sheet at the front desk. 

Around Surround

Shoes.  We require clipping into the bike pedals for stability and safety.  Cycling shoes and proper bike setup allow you to work the right muscles and to protect your body from injury.  Shoes are free during your first ride; future rentals are just $2.  If you have your own cycling shoes, our pedals are LOOK and SPD compatible.

Showers/Lockers:  We provide fully equipped restrooms and showers, ultra-soft towels and spa-like toiletries for your convenience.  We also have easy to use digital keypad lockers available for your belongings during your class.  Charging stations are conveniently located inside the lockers.

Bikes:  Stages bikes are easy to set up for maximum safety.  Make sure our team helps you set up your bike the first time you arrive.  We can also record your settings in your profile so that you have it for future rides.  Before every ride check that the settings are tight, shoes are clipped in, and test the brake.

Safety is paramount at SurroundCycle.  Like any new fitness routine, you may want to consult with your doctor before starting something new.  Our team is here to help you every step of the way.  Our instructors will encourage you to push yourself, but please always listen to your body and work at a level that is comfortable for you.  Remember to hydrate!