SurroundCycle RHythm

This 45 minute ride is all about riding to the beat of music with everyone in the room, guided by your instructor.  As with Power Rides, you will still work hard to experience different speeds and power levels through a variety of hill climbs, intervals and sprints, and distance challenges. Without the big-screen Leader Boards in the room, you'll be able to enjoy the Surround effects of our music and lighting.  As with all rides, your individual metrics will be emailed to you following your ride.

SurroundCycle Power

This 45 minute ride is for the goal oriented, the athlete, the competitor, or simply for those who are motivated by results and enjoy the stats.  Your individual performance metrics are available in real time and displayed on 2 large Leader Boards in the room.  They are there to motivate you throughout your ride and to push you to your limit if you desire.  Our instructors will take you on this ride of flat roads & hills, coaching you through a variety of speed, intervals, endurance and power.  As with all rides, your individual metrics will be emailed to you following your ride.

SurroundCycle 101

For the beginner, or just for those who’d like a refresher, this 45 minute class will spend time teaching you about bike setup, the indoor cycling lingo, and will ensure a smooth non-competitive 30 minute ride suited to your individual needs.  There are no Leader Boards displayed in the room, but your performance metrics will be emailed to you following your ride.

SurroundCycle 40/40

This 80 minute class will consist of a 40 minute Power Ride in the sound-proof cycle room coupled with a 40 minute Strength Session in Surround Room 2, where you will use dumbbells and other apparatus to build muscle to supplement your cardio session.  This is an all-encompassing class sure to exhaust and exhilarate you!

Off-Bike Strength

Located in Surround Room 2, this 60 minute class is focused on non-cardio muscle strengthening.  It is designed to target every major muscle group.  With a variety of dumbbell weight options, it is appropriate for all levels.  This class is designed to complement your cardio workouts on alternate days of the week.


  • “With Strength” added to any ride on the schedule means that light weights provided on the bikes will be used for a few intervals of arm strength training during the class.
  • “Theme Ride” added to a class on the schedule means that the SurroundCycle instructor has choreographed this ride to a certain music artist, or music genre.  Watch for these special rides on the schedule as they are sure to make your journey fun and you will leave the cycle room singing!
  • “60” added to a class indicates this is a 60-minute class, including in-room stretching after the cycling.
  • EVERY 45-minute class includes an additional optional 12-15 minute post-ride session of stretching and abdominal strengthening in “Surround Room 2” to further enhance the results of your ride.