Arrive Early. 

Arrive 10 minutes prior to class to set up your bike.  We respect your busy schedule so all classes start on time.

Respect your fellow riders. 

Leave cell phones and headphones in your locker. 

No texting or phone usage during class.  Our lockers have secure digital locks and charging ports for your phone.

Notify instructors of any injuries you have before class.

They will be happy to offer you modifications.

Follow the lead of your instructor. 

They work hard to plan and choreograph classes.  Try to stay on or close to their instruction.  (Adjust the tension on your bike as needed.)

Leaving early

We understand once in a while you may need to leave early.  So please take a bike near the door and slip out quietly.

Bike Issues

Notify instructor or any Surround team member of any problems with the bike so we can address them.